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What is a Giclee print?

Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") derived from the french word "gicler" meaning to squirt, spurt, or spray, this is a process of creating fine art prints digitally from a ink-jet source.  No screen or mechanical devices are used with Giclee printing.  The results are amazing.  No dot screen patterns are visible yet all of the the tones and hues of the original painting are visible.  These high quality ink-jet prints are often used in galleries around the world to showcase artists work. Giclée's are so color accurate sometimes even fooling the artist!  These museum quality prints can last up to an amazing 200 years in your home if created & displayed properly!

Giclee printing can be done on all fine art material and commonly on canvas. Preferences range depending on the photographer or artist. Fine art cotton papers are prefered if you plan to frame your work behind glass, they usually have a matte finish and are very capable of producing very high color gamut. Canvas on the other hand is a very versatile media. Canvas prints can be framed without glass as well as gallery wrapped for a unique modern frameless look. Our quality canvas prints bring out the vibrant colors and have a special texture to them.  Canvas is also much more durable and will not crease.  If you are looking for a print that is closest to an original then this option is for you.

Many factors go into making a Giclée print, like using quality archival canvas, fine art papers, durable inks and by using custom profiles, precise color management, and expert scanning we will render your image into a beautiful work of art.

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