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Photography Tips

A few tips to get great results!

If your photos are not good enough, your not close enough!

The most common photographs we take are of
people, scenery, & pets. The issue with most amateur photographers are they don't fill in the frame. Filling in the frame can remove distracting elements of the background. I see this over & over again where there is a photo of a couple and there is way too much floor and sky and you can barely make out who the picture is really of!

Zoom in on the faces of your subject, then slowly zoom out as if your creating a painting, starting with your subject then adding background.  When taking these photos consider how your going to print it.  Let's say you want a print on canvas with a gallery wrap, you need to make sure your not going to wrap your subjects head around the stretcher frame.  So only enough border for editing, cropping, & printing purposes(but not too much). A significant improvement in your photos will transpire!

What's your point of view?

Another common mistake is not only the position of your subject, but the position of you.
Here's a perfect example: Children photos are almost always taken from above them, but the best children shots are usually below or at eye level. 
Use this tip not only for children but for all your subjects.
Creating a different perspective can make the difference between a photo on your hard drive and a work of art on your wall.

What is that in the background?

The plainer the better! Be aware of what's behind your subject.
Try to position yourself or your subject in a spot where the background is not to overpowering, you want your subject to stand out. 
Choose a background that is actually plain and it will enhance your subject(s) dramatically.

Lights, Camera, Lights!

Lighting is a photographers biggest obstacle.
Capturing the right exposure of a photograph can be difficult at times, so its important to experiment with lighting situations.
Using a digital camera makes it easy to test camera settings and positions (having the light shine in front, from the side, or behind you) making a world of difference of how a photograph is going to look.
So make some tests, you will be impressed!

Be a director!

Don't be afraid to tell people how to pose, put them in position, add some props.
You don't have to be traditional all the time. 
More fun photos and lasting memories...that's what it is about!

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"What a difference, I never thought about being at eye level with my children would make such great shots. Thanks!"

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