Hey Photographers!Looking to offer your clients custom printed canvas prints?


Photo Guidelines: Paintings

Guidelines for the "Picture Picasso painted print" are slightly different then our canvas print guidelines.

The main difference is the resolution of your digital images. There is more flexibility with resolution for painted prints. Nevertheless, we always urge you to submit your original UN-edited photos at their highest quality to us.

Please read this guide to help you better understand how you should submit your photos and choose the correct size & options when ordering.

Using this guide will not only speed up your orders, but will provide you useful information for general photo editing & preservation.

For optimal painted results, Follow these 3 simple steps:

1)  All images should be in focus, clear & sharp.

2)  Landscape, architecture, & pet photos should be 1 megabyte(MB) or better.

3)  Family portraits should especially be clear & sharp, 3 megabytes(MB) or better, and a maximum of

5 subjects for 16 x 20, 6 subjects 18 x 24, 7 subjects 20 x 24, 9 subjects 20 x 30.

Note: facial feature details will be lost if they are printed too small.


Below are some common questions you may have

Question: Is the quality of my image good enough?

One of the biggest problems we encounter is enlarging a photo without loosing image clarity. Choosing to have your photo painted is actually a great way to display a prized shot that may not print well as a photo.

If your image size falls below the recommended 3 MB size, we suggest ordering a proof prior to us printing.

  • Normally we would ask you not to send us any photos you've taken with your cell phone or saved from the internet, facebook, or any photo sharing website. The reason is, these images have been re-sized much smaller then the originals, but having us recreate your photo as a digital painting allows us to work with these photos.
  • Do not edit your original files. However, if your image needs editing, do it this way. Lets say you have a photo named "Mia 3456". After editing, make sure you use the "Save As" option in the File drop down menu, and be sure to change the name; Example: "Mia 3456 edit 1". This will always preserve your original file(Mia 3456) and create new edited versions of that same file.

Save As

We check every image to ensure they will print correctly.

Picture Picasso will not print anything that will reflect on us as poor quality.



Question: How do I know; how large my image is?

In case you dont know, we figured we tell you.

Fig. 1: Open the folder that contains your images. Right-click on the icon of the photo you wish to print. A dialog box will appear, then click on properties.

image 1


Fig. 2: The Properties window will display with information. Circled in red is the size of your image.

Note: Any size less then 1 MB(megabyte) most likely will not be sufficient for printing.

image 2



Question: What size should I pick?

Answer: That depends on your camera.

Older cameras used a format of 4/5 hence giving you 8" x 10" photos.

The ratio is measured in inches; simply 4" x 5". Based on the 4" x 5" format, you can enlarge your photos to 8" x 10", 16" x 20", or a 24" x 30". Sharpness & resolution also plays a factor in how large your image will print. For optimal quality make sure they are not blurry.

Newer cameras give you a format of 2/3.

The popular sizes based on this ratio are as follows: 8" x 12", 12" x 18", 16" x 24", & 20" x 30".


Question: My image is not the highest resolution and is only 150KB; What can I do?

This happens more then we like to admit. Either you mistakenly edited the original, its an image from your friends facebook page, or used your cell phone to take that stellar shot. They will look horrible, and we will not print them anyway.

But you still have a choice. Make it into a "Picture Picasso Painted Canvas"

We can recreate your image into painted art work.

Fig. 1: Here is an example of a 235KB sized image we printed on a 16 x 20 gallery wrapped canvas. As you can see, there is a blurriness to it, imagine what it would look like enlarged.

low resolution photo

Fig. 2: And here it is recreated in to a digital painting along with other photo enhancements.

Painted photo on canvas

Fig. 3: And a little closer.

Painted photo on canvas


If you would like to have your photo printed on canvas:

Read our photo guidelines for photo to canvas prints.